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Mathews, M., Wißfeld, J., Flitsch, L.J., Shahraz, A., Semkova, V., Breitkreuz, Y., Neumann, H., Brüstle, O. (2022)
Reenacting neuroectodermal exposure of hematopoietic progenitors enables scalable production of cryopreservable iPSC-derived human microglia
Stem Cell Rev Rep. doi: 10.1007/s12015-022-10433-w. Online ahead of print.

Flitsch, L.J., Börner K., Stüllein, C., Ziegler, S., Sonntag‑Buck, V., Wiedtke, E., Semkova, V., AuYeung, S.W.C., Schlee, J., Hajo, M., Mathews, M., Ludwig, B.S., Kossatz, S., Kessler, H., Grimm, D., Brüstle, O. (2022)
Identification of adeno‑associated virus variants for gene transfer into human neural cell types by parallel capsid screening
Scientific Reports. 12:8356.

Semkova, V., Haupt, S., Segschneider, M., Bell, C., Ingelman-Sundberg, M., Hajo, M., Weykopf, B., Muthukottiappan, P., Till, A.*, Brüstle, O.* (2022)
Dynamics of metabolic pathways and stress response patterns during human neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation
Cells. 11:1388.

Vuidel, A., Cousin, L., Weykopf, B., Haupt, S., Hanifehlou, Z., Wiest-Daesslé, N., Segschneider, M., Lee, J., Kwon, Y.-J., Peitz, M., Ogier, A., Brino, L., Brüstle, O., Sommer, P., Wilbertz, J.H.
High-content phenotyping of Parkinson’s disease patient stem cell-derived midbrain dopaminergic neurons using machine learning classification
Stem Cell Reports. 17:1-16.

Wischhof, L., Lee, H.M., Tutas, J., Overkott, C., Tedt, E., Stork, M., Peitz, M., Brüstle, O., Ulas, T., Händler, K., Schultze, J.L., Ehninger, D., Nicotera, P., Salomoni, P., Bano, D. (2022)
BCL7A-containing SWI/SNF/BAF complexes modulate mitochondrial bioenergetics during neural progenitor differentiation
EMBO J. 2022 Oct 28:e110595. doi: 10.15252/embj.2022110595. Online ahead of print.

Yang, N.J., Isensee, J., Neel, D.V., Quadros, A.U., Zhang, H.B., Lauzadis, J., Liu, S.M., Shiers, S., Belu, A., Palan, S., Marlin, S., Maignel, J., Kennedy-Curran, A., Tong, V.S., Moayeri, M., Röderer, P., Nitzsche, A., Lu, M., Pentelute, B.L., Brüstle, O., Tripathi, V., Foster, K.A., Price, T.J., Collier, R.J., Leppla, S.H., Puopolo, M., Bean, B.P., Cunha, T.M., Hucho, T., Chiu, I.M. (2022)
Anthrax toxins regulate pain signaling and can deliver molecular cargoes into ANTXR2+ DRG sensory neurons
Nat Neurosci. 25:168-179. doi: 10.1038/s41593-021-00973-8.

Wen, J., Peitz, M., Brüstle, O. (2022)
A defined human-specific platform for modeling neuronal network stimulation in vitro and in silico
J Neurosci Methods. 373:109562.

Roll, L., Lessmann, K., Brüstle, O., Faissner, A. (2022)
Cerebral organoids maintain the expression of neural stem cell-associated glycoepitopes and extracellular matrix
Cells. 11:760.

Wolf, C., Pouya, A., Bitar, S., Pfeiffer, A., Bueno, D., Rojas-Charry, L., Arndt, S., Gomez-Zepeda, D., Tenzer, S., Dal Bello, F., Vianello, C., Ritz, S., Schwirz, J., Dobrindt, K., Peitz, M., Hanschmann, E.-M., Mencke, P., Boussaad, I., Silies, M., Brüstle, O., Giacomello, M., Krüger, R., Methner, A. (2022)
GDAP1 loss of function inhibits the mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase complex by altering the actin cytoskeleton
Commun Biol. 5:541.

Petese, A., Fries, F.L., Broske, B., Stumm, R., Blaess, S. (2022)
Lineage analysis of Cxcr4-expressing cells in the developing midbrain suggests that progressive competence restriction in dopaminergic progenitor cells contributes to the establishment of dopaminergic neuronal diversity
eNeuro. doi: 10.1523/ENEURO.0052-22.2022. Online ahead of print.

Gather, F., Ihrig-Biedert, I., Kohlhas, P., Krutenko, T., Peitz, M., Brüstle, O., Pautz, A., Kleinert, H. (2022)
A specific, non-immune system-related isoform of the human inducible nitric oxide synthase is expressed during differentiation of human stem cells into various cell types
Cell Commun Signal. 20:47. doi: 10.1186/s12964-022-00855-x.

Rodriguez-Gatica, J.E.#, Iefremova, V.#, Sokhranyaeva, L., Yeung, S.W.C.A., Breitkreuz, Y., Brüstle, O.*, Schwarz, M.K.*, Kubitscheck, U.* (2022)
Imaging three-dimensional brain organoid architecture from meso- to nanoscale across development
Development. 149:dev200439. doi: 10.1242/dev.200439

Radtke, F., Palladino, V.S., McNeill, R.V., Chiocchetti, A.G., Haslinger, D., Leyh, M., Gersic, D., Frank, M., Grünewald, L., Klebe, S., Brüstle, O., Günther, K., Edenhofer, F., Kranz, T.M., Reif, A., Kittel-Schneider, S. (2022)
ADHD-associated PARK2 copy number variants: A pilot study on gene expression and effects of supplementary deprivation in patient-derived cell lines
Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet. doi: 10.1002/ajmg.b.32918. Online ahead of print.

Kebir, S., Ullrich, V., Berger, P., Dobersalske, C., Langer, S., Rauschenbach, L., Trageser, D., Till, A., Lorbeer, F.K., Wieland, A., Wilhelm-Buchstab, T., Ahmad, A., Fröhlich, H., Cima, I., Prasad, S., Matschke, J., Jendrossek, V., Remke, M., Grüner, B.M., Roesch, A., Siveke, J.T., Herold-Mende, C., Blau, T., Keyvani, K., van Landeghem, F.K.H., Pietsch, T., Felsberg, J., Reifenberger, G., Weller, M., Sure, U., Brüstle, O., Simon, M., Glas, M., Scheffler, B. (2022)
A sequential targeting strategy interrupts AKT-driven subclone-mediated progression in glioblastoma
Clin Cancer Res. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-22-0611. Online ahead of print.

Paolicelli, R.C., Sierra, A.,…, Neumann, H., …Wyss-Coray, T. (2022)
Microglia states and nomenclature: A field at its crossroads
Neuron. 110: 3458-3483.

Shahraz, A., Lin, Y., Mbroh, J., Winkler, J., Liao, H., Lackmann, M., Bungartz, A., Zipfel, P.F., Skerka, C., Neumann, H. (2022)
Low molecular weight polysialic acid binds to properdin and reduces the activity of the alternative complement pathway
Scientific Reports 12:5818.

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Schmid, B., Holst, B., Clausen, C., Bahnassawy, L., Reinhardt, P., Bakker, M.H.M., Díaz-Guerra, E., Vicario, C., Martino-Adami, P.V., Thoenes, M., Ramirez, A., Flissbach, K., Grezella, C., Brüstle, O., Peitz, M., Ebneth, A., Cabrera-Socorro, A. (2021)
Generation of a set of isogenic iPSC lines carrying all APOE genetic variants (Ɛ2/Ɛ3/Ɛ4) and knock-out for the study of APOE biology in health and disease
Stem Cell Res. 52:102180. doi: 10.1016/j.scr.2021.102180.

Wißfeld, J., Nozaki, I., Mathews, M., Raschka, T., Ebeling, C., Hornung, V., Brüstle, O., Neumann, H. (2021)
Deletion of Alzheimer's disease-associated CD33 results in an inflammatory human microglia phenotype
Glia. 69:1393-1412. doi: 10.1002/glia.23968.

Manstein, F., Ullmann, K., Kropp, C., Halloin, C., Triebert, W., Franke, A., Farr, C.M., Sahabian, A., Haase, A., Breitkreuz, Y., Peitz, M., Brüstle, O., Kalies, S., Martin, U., Olmer, R., Zweigerdt, R. (2021)
High density bioprocessing of human pluripotent stem cells by metabolic control and in silico modeling
Stem Cells Transl Med. 10:1063–1080. doi: 10.1002/sctm.20-0453.

Liao, H., Winkler, J., Wißfeld, J., Shahraz, A., Klaus, C., Neumann, H. (2021)
Low molecular weight polysialic acid prevents lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory dopaminergic neurodegeneration in humanized SIGLEC11 transgenic mice
Glia. 69:2845–2862.

Tolve, M., Ulusoy, A., Patikas, N., Islam, K.U.S., Bodea, G.O., Öztürk, E., Broske, B., Mentani, A., Wagener, A., van Loo, K.M.J., Britsch, S., Liu, P., Khaled, W.T., Metzakopian, E., Baader, S.L.,Di Monte, D.A., Blaess, S. (2021)
The transcription factor BCL11A defines distinct subsets of midbrain dopaminergic neurons
Cell Reports. 36:109697. DOI:

Lünemann J.D., von Gunten, S., Neumann, H. (2021)
Targeting sialylation to treat central nervous system diseases
Trends Pharmacol Sci. 42:998-1008. doi: 10.1016/

Cenini, G., Hebisch, M., Iefremova, V., Flitsch, L.J., Breitkreuz, Y., Tanzi, R.E., Kim, D.Y., Peitz, M., Brüstle, O. (2021)
Dissecting Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis in human 2D and 3D models
Mol Cell Neurosci. 110:103568. doi: 10.1016/j.mcn.2020.103568. Review.

Wißfeld, J., Mathews, M., Mossad, O., Picardi, P., Cinti, A., Redaelli, L., Pradier, L., Brüstle, O., Neumann, H. (2021)
Reporter cell assay for human CD33 validated by specific antibodies and human iPSC-derived microglia
Sci Rep. 11:13462.

Shahraz, A., Wißfeld, J., Ginolhac, A., Mathews, M., Sinkkonen, L., Neumann, H. (2021)
Phagocytosis-related NADPH oxidase 2 subunit gp91phox contributes to neurodegeneration after repeated systemic challenge with lipopolysaccharides
Glia. 69:137-150. doi: 10.1002/glia.23890.

Ibach, M., Mathews, M., Linnartz-Gerlach, B., Theil, S., Kumar, S., Feederle, R., Brüstle, O., Neumann, H., Walter, J. (2021)
A reporter cell system for the triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells 2 reveals differential effects of disease-associated variants on receptor signaling and activation by antibodies against the stalk region
Glia. 69:1126-1139. doi: 10.1002/glia.23953

Wedekind, H., Kats, E., Weiss, A-C., Thiesler, H., Klaus, C., Kispert, A., Horstkorte, R., Neumann, H., Weinhold, B., Münster-Kühnel, A., Abeln, M. (2021)
Gne deletion in mice leads to lethal intracerebral hemorrhage during embryonic development
Glycobiology. 31:1478–1489.

Islam, K.U.S., Meli, N., Blaess, S. (2021)
The development of the mesoprefrontal dopaminergic system in health and disease
Front Neural Circuits. 15:746582. doi: 10.3389/fncir.2021.746582.

Piotrowskia, T., Rippel, O., Elanzew, A., Nießing, B., Stucken, S., Jung, S., König, N., Haupt, S., Stappert, L., Brüstle, O., Schmitt, R., Jonas, S. (2021)
Deep-learning-based multi-class segmentation for automated, non-invasive routine assessment of human pluripotent stem cell culture status
Comput Biol Med. 129:104172.

Fumagalli, F., Young, F.L., Boeynaems, S., De Decker, M., Mehta, A.R., Swijsen, A., Fazal, R., Guo, W., Moisse, M., Beckers, J., Dedeene, L., Selvaraj, B.T., Vandoorne, T., Madan, V., van Blitterswijk, M., Raitcheva, D., McCampbell, A., Poesen, K., Gitler, A.D., Koch, P., Berghe, P.V., Rudolf, D., Verfaillie, C., Chandran, S., Van Den Bosch, L., Bullock, S.L., Van Damme, P. (2021)
C9orf72-derived arginine-containing dipeptide repeats associate with axonal transport machinery and impede microtubule-based motility
Sci Adv. 7:eabg3013. doi: 10.1126/sciadv.abg3013.

Klaus, C., Liao, H., Allendorf, D.H., Brown, G.C., Neumann, H. (2021)
Sialylation acts as a checkpoint for innate immune responses in the central nervous system
Glia. 69:1619-1636. doi: 10.1002/glia.23945.

Blaess, S., Wachten, D. (2021)
The BBSome: a nexus controlling energy metabolism in the brain
J Clin Invest. 131:e148903. doi: 10.1172/JCI148903.

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Peitz, M., Krutenko, T., Brüstle, O. (2020)
Protocol for the standardized generation of forward programmed cryopreservable excitatory and inhibitory forebrain neurons
STAR Protocols (Cell Press) 1, 100038.

Flitsch, L.J., Laupman, K.E., Brüstle, O. (2020)
Transcription factor-based fate specification and forward programming for neural regeneration
Front Cell Neurosci. 14:121.

Cheffer, A., Flitsch, L.J., Krutenko, T., Röderer, P., Sokhranyaeva, L., Iefremova, V., Hajo, M., Peitz, M., Schwarz, M.K., Brüstle, O. (2020)
Human stem cell-based models for studying autism spectrum disorder-related neuronal dysfunction
Molecular Autism 11:99.

Paß, T., Aßfalg, M., Tolve, M., Blaess, S., Rothermel, M., Wiesner, R.J., Ricke, K.M. (2020)
The impact of mitochondrial dysfunction on dopaminergic neurons in the olfactory bulb and odor detection
Mol Neurobiol. 57:3646-3657. doi: 10.1007/s12035-020-01947-w.

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Front Bioeng Biotechnol. 8:580352. doi: 10.3389/fbioe.2020.580352.

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A novel serum-free medium for the isolation, expansion and maintenance of stemness and tissue-specific markers of primary human periodontal ligament cells
Ann Anat. 2020 Mar 27;231:151517. doi: 10.1016/j.aanat.2020.151517.

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Control of innate immunity by sialic acids in the nervous tissue
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Reduced sialylation triggers homeostatic synapse and neuronal loss in middle-aged mice
Neurobiology of Aging. 88:91-107.

Palladino, V.S., Chiocchetti, A.G., Frank, L., Haslinger, D., McNeill, R., Radtke, F., Till, A., Haupt, S., Brüstle, O., Günther, K., Edenhofer, F., Hoffmann, P., Reif, A., Kittel-Schneider, S. (2020)
Energy metabolism disturbances in cell models of PARK2 CNV carriers with ADHD
J Clin Med. 9:4092. doi: 10.3390/jcm9124092.

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Impact of Zika virus infection on human neural stem cell microRNA signatures
Viruses. 12:E1219. doi: 10.3390/v12111219.

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Drug repositioning of antiretroviral ritonavir for combinatorial therapy in glioblastoma
Eur J Cancer. 140:130-139. doi: 10.1016/j.ejca.2020.09.017.

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Regulation of the autophagy-marker Sequestosome 1 in periodontal cells and tissues by biomechanical loading
J Orofac Orthop. 81:10-21. doi: 10.1007/s00056-019-00197-3.

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Evolving principles underlying neural lineage conversion and their relevance for biomedical translation
F1000Research 2019. doi: 10.12688/f1000research.18926.1

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Are the mechanisms involved in astrocyte and lymphocyte death during HIV infection similar?
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Altered levels of proteins and phosphoproteins, in the absence of early causative transcriptional changes, shape the molecular pathogenesis in the brain of young presymptomatic Ki91 SCA3/MJD mouse
Mol Neurobiol. 56:8168-8202. doi: 10.1007/s12035-019-01643-4

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Autophagy in periodontal ligament fibroblasts under biomechanical loading
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Martinez-Chavez, E., Scheerer, C., Wizenmann, A., Blaess, S. (2018)
The zinc finger transcription factor Gli3 is a regulator of precerebellar neuronal migration
Development. 145:dev166033. doi: 10.1242/dev.166033

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MicroRNAs engage in complex circuits regulating adult neurogenesis
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A stably self-renewing adult blood-derived induced neural stem cell exhibiting patternability and epigenetic rejuvenation
Nat Commun. 29:4047. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-06398-5
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Fülle, L., Offermann, N., Hansen, J.N., Breithausen, B., Erazo, A.B., Schanz, O., Radau, L., Gondorf, F., Knöpper, K., Alferink, J., Abdullah, Z., Neumann, H., Weighardt, H., Henneberger, C., Halle, A., Förster, I. (2018)
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