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Postal Contact Information:

Neurodevelopmental Genetics Group
Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology
University Bonn, LIFE & BRAIN Center
Sigmund-Freud-Str. 25
D-53127 Bonn

Tel. +49-228-6885-500 or extension below
Fax +49-228-6885-501

 NamePositionEmailPhone (ext.)
Blaess, SandraBlaess, SandraGroup Leader540
Islam, Khondker Ushna SameenIslam, Khondker Ushna SameenPh.D. Student546
Meli, NorisaMeli, NorisaPh.D. Student530
Pacheco, CatarinaPacheco, CatarinaPh.D. Student530
Fahrbach, LenaFahrbach, LenaMD Student528
Pliev, DanielPliev, DanielMD Student530
Siebrecht, PaulaSiebrecht, PaulaMD Student476
Tan, Rui LoisTan, Rui LoisMD Student525

Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology

University of Bonn
Venusberg-Campus 1
Building 76
D-53105 Bonn/Germany

How to find us

Phone +49 (0)228 - 6885 - 500
Fax +49 (0)228 - 6885 - 501

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