Practical Training

Internships and practical courses for students in the fields of medicine, biology, biochemistry and related disciplines are offered upon request. Please contact us (sblaess@uni-bonn.de) for further information.

Lecture series and modules in which the Neurodevelopmental Genetics Group participates:

Module (WPM27) Neurodevelopment: Gene delivery and multi-level circuit analysis to explore higher order brain functions and their disorders (SS2019, Lecture, Seminars and Training) for the ‘Master of Neuroscience’ program. Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Susanne Schoch & Prof. Dr. Dirk Dietrich

Lecture series Cell Biology and Histology (SS2019, 3 SWS) for the ‘Bachelor of Science’ study program ‘Molecular Biomedicine’.

Tue 10.15- 11.45; Thu 12.15-13.00, Room EG.612 LIFE & BRAIN building, weekly


We are also participating with lectures, seminars and practical training in modules and lecture series organized by the Reconstructive Neurobiology Group.