Neurodevelopmental Genetics Group

Team leader: Sandra Blaess


The coordinated generation of a vast number of diverse neuronal cell types and their subsequent organization into neuronal networks during development is critical for the proper functioning of the adult brain. The Neurodevelopmental Genetics group investigates how the genetic identity of neuronal subpopulations is established during development and how the genetic identity of embryonic neuronal subtypes relates to the final location and function of these same neuronal subsets in the adult brain. We further wish to understand how abnormal developmental processes underlie neurodegenerative events in the aging brain. We are using a combination of sophisticated mouse genetics, live imaging and gene expression profiling to investigate these questions, with a particular focus on the ventral midbrain.



Ministry of Science and Research of North Rhine Westphalia
Junior Scientist Research Award
Programm zur Förderung der Rückkehr des wissenschaftlichen Spitzennachwuchses aus dem Ausland
Since 2008