Tuition fees for domestic and international students of the master program in Neurosciences are covered by the German government. Students are required to pay a Student service contribution ("Sozialbeitrag") of about 290 € per semester to the university. This payment is compulsory for enrollment. The student service contribution includes free public transport within the whole of North Rhine Westphalia and supports other student activities.

Living costs

Living costs (including accommodation in a student dormitory and health insurance) in Bonn range from about 650 to 800 Euros per month per person, depending on your personal standard. Further info on the cost of living in Germany is published on this DAAD-Website and our website at Student Information.

Health Insurance

German health insurance is obligatory for all students who are not citizens of the European Union. A special student rate is currently available for about 60 Euros a month to all students under 30 years of age. For more information This insurance covers the costs of most medical treatments (including dental care) in Germany.


The Master’s program offers several one-year scholarships funded by IMPRS for Brain and Behavior, CAESAR (Dept. Behavior and Brain Organization and Dept. Computational Neuroethology) and SFB 1089 (800 Euro monthly). Master of Neurosciences students enrolled and in good academic standing at the University of Bonn MSc in Neurosciences program are entitled to apply for an IMPRS Fellowship. Basis for evaluation of these applications is the average grades after completion of the first three compulsory modules in the first term.

Other scholarships:

For information on other scholarships offered by German sources please contact theDAAD - German Academic Exchange Service. There is also a scholarship database available where you can get an overview of the various types of funding offered by the DAAD or of the programs offered by other funding organizations for a study stay in Germany.  

Student assistant jobs

Most of the PIs involved in the Bonn MSc Neurosciences program offer student assistant jobs during the Master thesis period to the candidates.Several students will be offered a student assistant job as a tutor for the freshmen class during the first mandatory modules. Prerequisite will be outstanding grades in the relevant modules.

Travel Grants  

Two 500 Euro travel grants per annum are available for students of the Bonn MSc Neurosciences program. Klick here for more details about the travel grant.