The program MSc Neurosciences represents a collaboration of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and external research institutions. Accordingly, our programs module supervisors and lecturers come from a wide range of research fields and have different scientific backgrounds. Altogether more than 50 colleagues contribute to the curriculum of our program. Here we would like to present the module leaders and their main research interests (for more informations please click on the names).


  Prof. Dr. Heinz Beck     Dr. Peter Bedner
  Dr. Thomas Berger Prof. Dr. Frank Bradke
  Dr. Kevin Briggman 
  Prof. Dr. Oliver Brüstle
  Prof. Dr. Christian Elger   Prof. Dr. Volkmar Gieselmann
  Prof. Dr. Christoph Helmstaedter         Prof. Dr. Christian Henneberger
  Prof. Dr. Michael Hofmann         Prof. Dr. Rene Hurlemann
  PD Dr. Ronald Jabs        Prof. Dr. Benjamin Kaupp
  Dr. Tony Kelly       Dr. Jason Kerr
  Prof. Dr. Wolfram Kunz   Prof. Dr. Klaus Lehnertz
  Dr. Jackob Macke          Dr. PD. Joachim Mogdans
  Prof. Dr. Dr. Florian Mormann   Prof. Dr. Harald Neumann   
  Prof. Dr. Markus Nöthen   Dr. Thoralf Opitz    
  Prof. Dr. Alexander Pfeifer   Dr. Theodor Rüber
  Prof. Dr. Karl Schilling                 Prof. Dr. Susanne Schoch McGovern
  Prof. Dr. Christian Steinhäuser      Prof. Dr. Dieter Sturma
  Prof. Dr. Gerhard von der Emde        Prof. Dr. Ina Vorberg        
  PD Dr. Andreas Waha             Prof. Dr. Jochen Walter  
  Prof. Dr. Bernd Weber           Prof. Dr. Andreas Zimmer