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This program is different from what I'd seen in that area. Looking at GSQL I thought
It's too complicated to handle :).
I'm very lazy and could force myself to do smthg once,
but not to do the same thing
  (designing PROCS, programming, compiling
   and the worst - thinking... I believe ideal
   situation is when one shouldn't think -
   just press keys and buttons)
each time new table being exported to Web.
Why not to have script for all cases ?

Here it is.

After getting source and installing WORA you should not bother any more. When some new table becames available - just grant select on it to "httpd" or whatever name you choose. That's all :).

There are some tricks to use Russian language.


Let's Look ?

Form will allow you More information on how to use WORA forms, Oracle wildcards etc. available for users with no specific knowledge in relational databases.

Any feedback appreciated, especially from non-www-database people. I'd want to know isn't using this thing too heavy for the freshmen ?