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Practical Training

Students of biology, medicine, chemistry and related sciences are welcome to conduct a practical course in our laboratory. This course includes a project on one of our research topics and lasts between 6-8 weeks. Internships for medical students to obtain a MD are offered upon request. Please send your application by email to


Lecture series and modules organized by the Neural Regeneration Group

Lecture series Cellular Neurobiology of Disease (WS2017/2018, 2 SWS) for all life science and medical study programs
Coordination: H. Neumann
Wed 8.00- 9.45; Room EG.612 LIFE & BRAIN building, weekly
11.10.17  Cytology of neurons and axonal transport
18.10.17  Neurotrophic factors and cytokines
25.10.17  Guidance molecules
08.11.17  Microglia and neuroinflammation
15.11.17  Cell adhesion and migration
22.11.17  Neuroregeneration
29.11.17  Glyconeurobiology
06.12.17  Dies academicus
13.12.17  Neurodegeneration
20.12.17  Neuro-Opthalmology
10.01.18  Neuroimmunology
17.01.18  Exam
31.01.18  Exam

Module (WPP8) Training in Cellular Neurobiology of Disease (WS2017/2018, 8 SWS) for the "Master of Neuroscience" program

Lecture series Cellular Neurobiology of Disease (SS2018, 2 SWS) for all life science study and medical study programs. Coordination: H. Neumann, Topics: Cytology of neurons and axonal transport, Microglia and neuroinflammation, Neurotrophic factors and cytokines, Cell adhesion and migration, Guidance molecules, Glyconeurobiology, Neuroregeneration, Neurodegeneration, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Neuroimmunology.