Stem Cell Pathologies Group

Team leader: Björn Scheffler

An emerging body of evidence suggests that many types of cancer contain a relatively rare subpopulation of cells that exhibit stem cell characteristics, and that this population would represent the exclusive source for disease initiation and maintenance. However, the immediate mechanisms of stem cell-derived tumorigenesis remain mostly elusive. It is the long-term goal of our group to combine the studies of tumor-initiating stem cells from a variety of human organs, e.g. the hematopoietic and neural systems, breast, prostate, or colon, to establish new therapeutic strategies targeting potentially common roots of proliferative malignancies.

The Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology at the University of Bonn Medical Center offers a unique assembly of prerequisites for these studies: close vicinity to highly skilled diagnostic and clinical departments, state-of-the-art equipped laboratories, stem cell-experienced faculty members, and a general interest in translational studies.

The VW Foundation sponsors this project as part of the Lichtenberg program for initially five years (Feb 2008 - Jan 2013).