SFB/TRR57 – Organ fibrosis: From Mechanisms of Injury to Modulation of Disease

Q1 - Histopathological Platform


Welcome to the homepage of the Q1 core project “Histopathological analysis and quantification of hepatic and renal fibrosis” of the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 57. 

Following the next link, you will find our standard operating procedure (SOP) for tissue samples and antibodies. 

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)- liver

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)- kidney

List of antibodies for murine FFPE tissue

Transregio Workshop Q1 2010

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Login procedure for our research block tool: 
(Information how to get an account and a password is provided in the SOP above).

Research Blocks

Current Situation of the Processing 

The next link contains a short presentation with initial results and histological slides of murine liver damage after bile duct ligation (BDL).

Time related changes after BDL

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