Great News!


In March 2017 two students of our Master Neurosciences program passed a highly competitive international selection process and qualified themselves as members of the International Max Planck Research School for Brain and Behavior (IMPRS). This world-class Ph.D. training and research school unites Universities and Max Planck Institutions in Bonn und Florida.

Our two students were ranked among the top three of more than 160 applicants, congratulations!





Two travel grants per annum are available for students of the Bonn MSc Neurosciences program.

Applications should be submitted to the Coordination office via email ( Submit a single PDF file containing all the information and documents as mentioned below.

Reimbursement will be limited to 500 Euro of total travel expenses per event.

APPLICATION DEADLINE extended: May 31st 2017


You have to be an active student of the MSc Neurosciences program in Bonn. The topic of the conference / training course you wish to attend should be related to your Master thesis.

Requested documents 

Half-page letter of motivation describing what the applicant hopes to achieve by attending the conference or training course. Explain how the event relates to your own work, and how you will benefit from attending it.

Short letter of recommendation from the applicant’s advisor

CV of the applicant

After return students are requested to submit a brief (one page) report about the usefulness of the visit to the Coordination office.



  • Student assistant position available

There is a student position at the department of epileptology in Bonn available for 12 hours a week (which equals around 420€). Our new student assistant would be integrated in a five-people research team that is supervised by Prof. Christian Elger, director of the Bonn department of epileptology, and instructed by myself. Our research team has two main focuses: The plastic reorganisation of the non-lesional hemisphere in patients after hemispherectomy (neurosurgical removal of a lesioned hemisphere in patients with therapy-refractory epilepsy) and the investigation of new imaging methods for the visualization of epileptic seizures.

We have a lot of fun doing the things we do and welcome any new student assistant as a new member of the team. The student assistant position may be turned into a MA- or doctoral thesis position later on.

Please get in touch with