Medline: 9892189

Cancer Research 59(1): 74-79, 1999.

Germ-line and acquired mutations of INI1 in atypical teratoid and rhabdoid tumors.

Biegel JA, Zhou JY, Rorke LB, et al.


We examined 18 atypical teratoid and rhabdoid tumors of the brain and 7 renal and 4 extrarenal rhabdoid tumors for mutations in the candidate rhabdoid tumor suppressor gene, INI1. Fifteen tumors had homozygous deletions of one or more exons of the INI1 gene, and the other 14 tumors demonstrated mutations. Germ-line mutations of INI1 were identified in four children, one with an atypical teratoid tumor of the brain and three with renal rhabdoid tumors. These studies suggest that INI1 is a tumor suppressor gene involved in rhabdoid tumors of the brain, kidney, and other extrarenal sites.

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