Medline: 9212008

International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 38(1): 83-94, 1997.

A study of reproductive function in patients with seminoma treated with radiotherapy and orchidectomy: (SWOG-8711).

Gordon W, Siegmund K, Stanisic TH, et al.


The results of Southwest Oncology Group Study 8711 (Group 2B) are presented. The objective was to evaluate the natural history of sperm concentration and selected hormonal parameters in patients with testicular cancer treated with orchiectomy and radiotherapy.

AND MATERIALS: Of a total of 207 patients enrolled on SWOG 8711, 53 pure seminoma patients were identified who were treated with orchiectomy and radiotherapy only. Sperm concentration, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels, and sexual satisfaction scores were the main parameters followed.

A fraction of the patients were infertile prior to receiving radiotherapy. Our analysis indicates that incidental radiation dose to the remaining testicle affects time to recovery of fertility, and at an aggregate level, changes in FSH mirror changes in sperm concentration over time. This phenomenon is the same as that described in patients free from testicular cancer. These men evaluated their sexual activity as good after orchidectomy.

Our data support the use of clamshell-type testicular shields as a means of providing maximum protection to the remaining testicle.

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