Medline: 8988260

Journal of Affective Disorders 36(1-2): 11-20, 1995.

Mental disorders in cancer suicides.

Henriksson MM, Isometsa ET, Hietanen PS, et al.


Mental disorders among suicide victims who had suffered from cancer were investigated using psychological autopsy data on all suicides in Finland over 1 year. Retrospective DSM-III-R consensus diagnoses were assigned to all 60 cancer suicides and to 60 age- and sex-matched comparison suicides without a cancer history. Depressive syndromes were equally common along cancer suicides (80%) and others (82%). Alcohol dependence and personality disorders were more frequent among noncancer suicides. Major depression and substance abuse were more common among victims with cancer in remission than in terminal stages. Only a small minority of cancer suicides seem to occur in the absence of mental disorders.

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