Medline: 8949764

Bulletin du Cancer. Radiotherapie 83(1, suppl): 125s-129s, 1996.

European results in neutron therapy of malignant salivary gland tumors.

Krull A, Schwarz R, Engenhart R, et al.


In Europe to date, 501 patients with salivary gland tumors have been treated with neutrons alone or with combined modalities. The most common histological types are adenoid cystic carcinomas, mucoepidermoid carcinomas and malignant mixed tumors. The results of conventional radiotherapy are suboptimal in inoperable or incompletely resected salivary gland tumors and in recurrent disease. The pooled data of some international series for low linear energy transfer radiation show a local control of 28%. Especially in advanced tumors neutron therapy can improve local control and should be the treatment of choice. The clinical data from different therapy centers in Europe show local control of 67% in gross disease. (44 Refs)

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