Medline: 8838258

Oncology (Huntington NY)


Increased knowledge about inherited susceptibility for cancer and the identification of genes associated with cancer risk has increased the need for individuals with training in genetics to work closely with oncology professionals in the familial cancer arena. Genetic counselors can provide a variety of useful services: They may function as clinical coordinators of a family cancer risk counseling (FCRC) program and serve as study coordinatiors on research teams. In the oncology practice setting, genetic counselors who are trained to do cancer risk counseling can help ascertain and evaluate familial clusters of cancers. In the context of FCRC, the genetic counselor can educate family members about risk factors for cancer and the significance of a positive family history, assess psychosocial functioning and provide psychosocial support and referrals. Genetic susceptibility testing should be offered only with appropriate genetic counseling.

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