Medline: 8703684

Oncology (Huntington NY)


The treatment of advanced cutaneous melanoma remains disappointing. Single-agent cytotoxic drugs usually produce response rates of less than 20%, though newer agents, particularly fotemustine and temozolomide, show some promise, especially in patients with brain metastases. Combination chemotherapy regimens yield response rates of 20% to 40%, but durable complete remissions are uncommon. Interferon-alfa and interleukin-2 alone produce response rates of 10% to 20%, 3% to 5% of which are durable. Vaccines and monoclonal antibodies have low level activity in advanced disease but may play a role in the adjuvant setting. The combinations of cisplatin-based regimens plus IFN-alfa and IL-2 have produced overall response rates of 50% to 60% and complete responses in 20% of patients, about half of which are durable. The toxicity of these regimens is severe, however, and their impact on survival remains to be established. (55 Refs)

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