Medline: 8580802

Leukemia and Lymphoma 17(3/4): 321-326, 1995.

Intermediate and high-grade gastric non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: a prospective study of non-surgical treatment with primary chemotherapy, with or without radiotherapy.

Haim N, Leviov M, Ben-Arieh Y, et al.


The role of surgery as initial treatment in gastric lymphoma remains controversial. We have prospectively evaluated a stomach conservation strategy in histologically aggressive gastric lymphoma, using primary adriamycin-containing chemotherapy, followed by involved-field radiotherapy in patients with limited disease. Twenty-six patients (median age 69 years) were entered in this study; 15 had stage I disease, 7 had stage II disease and 4 had stage IV disease. The chemotherapy combinations were CHOP (18 patients) and ProMACE/MOPP (8 patients). Radiotherapy was given to 11 patients. Of the 24 patients evaluated for response, 18 (75%) achieved endoscopically-confirmed complete response and 4 (17%) partial response. During follow-up (median 22 months), none of the complete responders developed recurrent lymphoma. Gastric resection was performed in 1/26 patients who did not respond to primary chemotherapy. There were no cases of perforation, but three patients (12%) developed acute gastro-intestinal bleeding a few days after the onset of chemotherapy, one of whom required a surgical devascularization procedure. There was no treatment-related mortality. These data further support the non-surgical approach in histologically aggressive gastric lymphoma, using primary chemotherapy with or without radiation therapy.

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