Medline: 7776409

Journal of Urology 154(1): 145-149, 1995.

Nerve sparing radical prostatectomy: a different view.

Geary ES, Dendinger TE, Freiha FS, et al.


Erectile dysfunction was evaluated in 459 men with prostate cancer before and after radical prostatectomy. Potency was defined as the ability to achieve unassisted intercourse with vaginal penetration. Of the patients 51 were potent postoperatively, including 2 of 187 (1.1%) undergoing surgery without nerve sparing, and 27 of 203 (13.3%) undergoing unilateral and 22 of 69 (31.9%) undergoing bilateral nerve sparing prostatectomy. Less than half of the patients who were sexually active postoperatively were satisfied with the erections or achieved intercourse at least once a month. Postoperative potency was statistically related to the number of neurovascular bundles spared, frequency of intercourse preoperatively, absence of seminal vesicle or lymph node involvement with cancer, absence of postoperative incontinence or strictures, patient age and cancer volume.

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