Medline: 7826837

Oncology (Huntington NY)


Charts of 89 osteosarcoma survivors from Massachusetts General Hospital and The Children's Hospital/Dana Farber Cancer Center, who had received primary treatment more than 1 year previously and had no evidence of disease, were reviewed. Sixty-two patients, mean 12 years from diagnosis, agreed to structured interviews. Rates of psychopathology did not differ significantly from the general population. High distress was noted in 13%. Twenty-three normal progeny had been born postchemotherapy to eight women and the wives of five male patients. One pregnancy was complicated by doxorubicin-induced cardiac toxicity. Only two with previous childhood tumors believed themselves infertile. All felt the effort to save the limb was worthwhile. In most, ongoing pain was mild; phantom pain and neuralgia common. Most survivors were in good mental and physical health with the capacity to bear children.

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