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Effectiveness of interferon alfa-2a combined with phototherapy for mycosis fungoides and the Sezary syndrome.

Kuzel TM, Roenigk HH, Samuelson E, et al.


To investigate the efficacy of combined topical therapy and systemic interferon alfa-2a in patients with mycosis fungoides (MF) and the Sezary syndrome (SS).

Patients and Methods:
Between December 1987 and April 1993, 39 patients with all stages of MF and SS were treated with combined phototherapy and systemic interferon alfa-2a as part of two institutional studies. The initial phase I study of 15 patients established the maximum-tolerated dose of interferon and has been previously reported. Subsequently, 24 patients have been entered onto a phase II trial. Long-term follow-up data are provided for both studies.

The median follow-up duration for the entire cohort is 28 months. Patients with all stages of disease were enrolled (stage IB, n = 14; IIA, n = 5; IIB, n = 6; III, n = 8; IVA, n = 5; IVB, n = 1). Thirty-four patients had received previous therapy. Overall, 36 of 39 patients achieved a complete response (CR; 62%) or partial response (28%) to therapy. The median response duration is 28 months (range, 1 to 64). Twenty-nine of 39 patients are alive, with a median survival duration of 62 months (range, 1 to 66).

Interferon alfa-2a combined with phototherapy is an effective, safe, durable therapy for MF and SS.

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