Medline: 7921924

Medical Oncology 11(1): 19-25, 1994.

A British National Lymphoma Investigation randomised trial of single agent chlorambucil plus radiotherapy versus radiotherapy alone in low grade, localised non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Kelsey SM, Newland AC, Hudson GV, et al.


Local radiotherapy (RT) alone was compared with radiotherapy plus continuous oral chlorambucil (RT+CHL) for the treatment of localised, low grade non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL) in a prospective randomised study of 148 patients. After a maximum of 18 years follow up there was no significant difference in overall survival or disease free survival between the two treatment groups. Age greater than 50 years and low serum albumin at diagnosis correlated with a poor prognosis in the series overall. Over one third of patients with localised, low grade NHL may be cured by RT alone and adjuvant chlorambucil as initial therapy confers no survival advantage.

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