Medline: 8113845

The abstract Journal of Clinical Oncology 12(2): 378-384, 1994. is available online.

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Cisplatin-based chemotherapy for ovarian germ cell malignancies: the Australian experience.

Segelov E, Campbell J, Ng M, et al.


This study was performed to evaluate the Australian experience with cisplatin-based treatment of ovarian germ cell tumors (OGCT) with respect to survival and toxicity of treatment.

Patients and Methods:
A retrospective review was undertaken based on a standardized questionnaire, which was sent to all major gynecologic oncology centers in Australia.

Data on 58 patients were obtained. Overall survival at 5 years for all patients was 87%. There was one death from disease among 14 patients with dysgerminoma, and four deaths from disease among 44 patients with nondysgerminomas. Cisplatin-based chemotherapy was associated with a low incidence of serious complications, with only one treatment-related death (from bleomycin-induced respiratory failure).

Our large series demonstrates that cisplatin-based chemotherapy is highly effective for patients with OGCT. Although direct comparisons cannot be made, the survival of our patients with advanced tumors was comparable to that seen in male germ cell tumors, rather than inferior as is commonly believed. Future studies should aim to refine treatment to minimize toxicity, while further increasing curability.

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