Medline: 8293642

Clinical Radiology 48(6): 381-385, 1993.

The use of the Wallstent endovascular prosthesis in the treatment of malignant obstruction of the superior vena cava.

Dyet JF, Nicholson AA, Cook AM


Seventeen patients (10 men and seven women) aged 48-76 years (mean 63.4) who were suffering from malignant superior vena caval obstruction had Wallstents implanted percutaneously to relieve the obstruction. Fifteen of the patients had previously been treated by radiotherapy or chemotherapy, with either failure to remit or later recurrence. Six patients required thrombolysis prior to stenting. All patients had rapid relief of the obstructive symptoms. This was sustained in 15 patients to date or at death. Two patients, both of whom had pre-stent lysis, developed stent thrombosis following withdrawal of anticoagulation at 4 months and 7 days respectively. Stenting has been shown to be extremely effective at relieving superior vena caval obstruction in these patients and is usually the only method available in this condition when other treatments fail. Whether all patients presenting with malignant superior vena caval obstruction should be stented de novo remains to be proven.

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