Medline: 8242575

Cancer 72(11, Suppl): 3433-3435, 1993.

Strontium-89: precursor targeted therapy for pain relief of blastic metastatic disease.

Robinson RG


Strontium-89 is a radioactive calcium analog that provides an energetic beta particle for radiation therapy of osteoblastic disease. Strontium-89 is used as palliative therapy with the primary goal being pain relief. More than 500 patients with painful blastic metastatic disease were treated at University of Kansas Medical Center since the initiation of the first clinical trial there 15 years ago. Most patients have had metastatic prostate cancer to bone or breast cancer, as these tumors are commonly associated with bone pain as their primary clinical management problem. Improvement (decrease in pain, increase in physical activity level) was noted in 80% of patients with prostate carcinoma and 81% of patients with metastatic breast cancer to bone. Marrow toxicity levels were acceptable. The therapy can be repeated at 3-month intervals. Strontium-89 is a safe and effective systemic therapy for painful blastic metastatic disease. There is no longer any reason why the vast majority of persons with painful blastic metastatic disease should continue to hurt. (11 Refs)

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