Medline: 8402025

British Journal of Urology 72(2): 214-219, 1993.

Prognosis of localised prostatic cancer managed by "watch and wait" policy.

Waaler G, Stenwig AE


Progression (within 2-7 years) and cancer-specific mortality (within 4-9 years) were examined in 94 patients with localised (T0-T2 NXM0) prostatic cancer. The patients received no initial anti-cancer treatment. A significant difference was found according to the initial T category both in progression (T0 focal 1/13, T0 diffuse 9/53, T1-2 13/28) and in cancer-related death (T0 focal 0/13, T0 diffuse 3/53, T1-2 6/28). Progression (G1 4/48, G2 17/42, G3 2/4) and cancer-related deaths (G1 1/48, G2 7/42, G3 1/4) also showed significant differences according to histological differentiation. No difference could be demonstrated according to age.

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