Medline: 8398291

European Journal of Cancer 29A(12): 1669-1672, 1993.

5-HT3 receptor antagonists in the prophylaxis of acute vomiting induced by moderately emetogenic chemotherapy: a randomised study.

Jantunen IT, Muhonen TT, Kataja VV, et al.


166 patients receiving moderately emetogenic chemotherapy were entered into a randomised prospective study in which the efficacy of single dose ondansetron 8 mg, tropisetron 5 mg and granisetron 3 mg in the prophylaxis of acute vomiting was evaluated. 130 patients were evaluable for analysis. During the 24 h following the start of chemotherapy complete control of vomiting was achieved in 80% [95% confidence interval (CI) 73.1; 86.9] of patients receiving granisetron compared with 75% (95% CI 67.1; 82.1) of those on tropisetron and 69% (95% CI 60.5; 76.5) on ondansetron. The patients experienced significantly fewer failures with granisetron (6.2%, 95% CI 2.1; 10.3) than with either ondansetron (14.6%, 95% CI 8.5; 20.6) or tropisetron (13.8%, 95% CI 7.9; 19.7). When asked, 34 (26%) patients out of 130 expressed no preference, 54 (42%) preferred granisetron, 22 (17%) preferred ondansetron and 20 (15%) preferred tropisetron. All the 5-HT3 receptor antagonists were highly effective in the prophylaxis of acute vomiting induced by moderately emetogenic chemotherapy. The observed differences in the control of emesis, although statistically significant, may not have clinical significance.

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