Medline: 8462902

Gynecologic Oncology 48(3): 355-359, 1993.

Radical hysterectomy for stage IB adenocarcinoma of the cervix: the University of Miami experience.

Steren A, Nguyen HN, Averette HE, et al.


The treatment of adenocarcinoma of the cervix has traditionally followed that of squamous cancer. A 25-year review of 88 radical hysterectomies for Stage IB adenocarcinoma of the cervix at the University of Miami/Jackson Medical Center (UM) is compared to over 1600 cases reported in the literature. Adenocarcinoma represented 10.4% of 978 radical hysterectomies performed at UM from July 1965 to December 1990. In a survey of the literature, patients with Stage IB cervical adenocarcinoma treated by radical surgery alone had a statistically better 5-year survival than those treated by radiation alone (79% vs 67%, respectively; P < or = 0.05). Furthermore, no additional benefit was achieved by combining the two therapeutic modalities. The corrected 5-year survival at UM is 81% for Stage IB adenocarcinoma of the cervix treated with radical hysterectomy, a number consistent with the cumulative data base. Radical surgery is an acceptable primary therapy in Stage IB adenocarcinoma of the cervix. (47 Refs)

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