Medline: 1410577

Radiotherapy and Oncology 24(4): 221-225, 1992.

Aggressive treatment of intrathoracic recurrences of thymoma.

Urgesi A, Monetti U, Rossi G, et al.


Between 1974 and 1988, 21 patients with intrathoracic recurrences of thymoma received radiotherapy with radical intent; surgery was always attempted when considered feasible: 11 patients were partially (6 cases) or totally (5 cases) resected before irradiation, while in the other 10 radiotherapy was the only treatment. In 7 cases the recurrence was confined to the anterior mediastinum, 9 had pleural nodules without mediastinal lesions and 5 had both mediastinal and pleural lesions. Mediastinal recurrences were treated by opposed parallel mediastinal fields with 2/3 of the dose delivered through the anterior port: doses ranged between 38 and 44 Gy; a boost of 10-16 Gy was given in patients not radically resected. Pleural nodules were treated with a variety of techniques according to the extent of the lesions. The 7-year survival of the whole group was 70%; 5 patients died: 4 with intrathoracic progression and one with distant metastases. The survival was 74% in the 11 patients having received surgery, either radical or subtotal, and 65% in the 10 patients treated with radiotherapy alone: the difference is not significant. Patients with Karnofsky index greater than 70 had a significantly better survival (100%, versus 28%, p = 0.0015). This is a selected series of patients presenting recurrences still amenable to a radical treatment either by surgery and radiotherapy or by radiotherapy alone: the results confirm that an aggressive approach is warranted in patients in good general conditions with recurrences confined to the mediastinum and/or 1 hemithorax.

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