Medline: 1552578

Journal of Urology 147(4): 1020-1023, 1992.

Bacillus Calmette-Guerin therapy for superficial bladder cancer: a 10-year followup.

Herr HW, Wartinger DD, Fair WR, et al.


We report the outcome of 61 patients with superficial bladder tumors who received bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) therapy and were followed for at least 10 years (range 10 to 13 years). A total of 19 patients (31%) remains free of tumor and progression, 17 (28%) had interval superficial recurrences but no progression and 25 (41%) had progression, first identified as muscle invasion in 12, prostatic involvement in 8 or metastasis in 5. Most tumors recurred or progressed within the first 5 years. Of the 61 patients, 33 (54%) are disease-free and with an intact bladder, 13 (21%) are alive after cystectomy, 2 (3%) died of other causes, 1 (2%) is alive with metastasis and 12 (20%) died of metastatic urothelial cancer (11 from the bladder or prostate and 1 from an upper tract tumor).

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