Medline: 1723086

Journal of Endocrinological Investigation 14(6): 475-480, 1991.

Combined chemotherapy with bleomycin, adriamycin, and platinum in advanced thyroid cancer.

De Besi P, Busnardo B, Toso S, et al.


Twenty-two advanced consecutive thyroid cancer patients with varying histologies were treated with the so called BAP regime which consisted of bleomycin (B) 30 mg a day for three days, Adriamycin (A) 60 mg/m2 iv in day 5, and cisplatinum (P) 60 to mg/m2 iv in day 5. Patients with progressive, symptomatic recurrent or disseminated disease unresponsive to hormonal and/or isotopic treatment were eligible. Nine patients had an objective response: two long-lasting complete and seven partial responses were observed out of 21 evaluable patients. Stable disease was observed in four additional patients. The median duration of response was 12 months (range, 6-29). The total series experienced a median survival of 11 months (range, 1 to 57), with 2 patients actually disease free. Several histologic types of thyroid carcinoma responded, but the best responses were observed in medullary and anaplastic giant-cell carcinomas. Toxicity was reversible in all but one patient. Of the patients failing on BAP chemotherapy three responded to a four drug second line combination containing vincristine, fluorouracil, BCNU and methotrexate. BAP regime can achieve reasonable palliation, and probably increases survival, in poor-prognosis thyroid cancers.

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