Medline: 1752486

Gynecologic Oncology 43(3): 195-197, 1991.

Surgery without adjuvant chemotherapy for early epithelial ovarian carcinoma after comprehensive surgical staging.

Monga M, Carmichael JA, Shelley WE, et al.


From January 1981 to December 1987, 82 patients with carcinoma of the ovary, Stages 1A, 1B, and 1C (cytology negative) (FIGO 1988), were enrolled in this study following accurate surgical staging. No patient received adjunctive therapy and all were followed from 2 to 6 years with a mean duration of follow-up of 4 years. Sixty-eight patients were eligible for review--thirty-nine Stage 1A, six Stage 1B, and twenty-three Stage 1C (twenty-one with tumor rupture, two with excrescences). The mean age was 48.8 years. Three patients had a recurrence of their disease (one death). Forty patients in this series were Stage 1A or 1B (well or moderately well differentiated, no excrescences, no rupture). Only 1 patient in this group (with clear cell carcinoma) has recurred, suggesting that this patient population can be followed without adjunctive therapy. Adhesions or rupture in this series did not affect outcome. Clear cell tumors may have an ominous prognosis despite apparent local disease.

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