Medline: 1746081

Urology 38(6): 529-532, 1991.

Penile carcinoma: a twenty-five-year experience.

Young MJ, Reda DJ, Waters WB


The treatment of 34 patients with carcinoma of the penis was reviewed during a twenty-five-year period (1958-1983). There were 26 patients with Stage I disease, 7 patients with Stage II, and 1 patient with Stage III disease. Among the Stage I group, 12 patients underwent partial/total penectomy and immediate ilioinguinal lymphadenectomy; 14 patients were treated with partial/total penectomy and observation of clinically nonpalpable nodes. Within the observation period, 10 of the 26 patients died, with a mean survival time of one hundred thirty-three months (standard error = 20.4), and a median of one hundred twenty months. Both the Mantel-Cox and Breslow test statistics showed the survival distribution of these groups of patients not to be significantly different from each other. All 7 patients with Stage II penile cancer died, with a mean survival time of 10.6 months (standard error = 2.1) which is significantly different from the Stage I group and the reported survival of 30-60 percent in the literature. A plan of management for the primary lesion and the role of ilioinguinal lymphadenectomy are presented.

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