Medline: 1957001

Radiotherapy and Oncology 22(2): 111-117, 1991.

Bladder carcinoma - a 20-year review of radical irradiation therapy.

Jahnson S, Pedersen J, Westman G


Between 1967 and 1986, 319 patients, judged unsuitable for cystectomy, were scheduled to receive curative radiation treatment for transitional cell cancer of the urinary bladder. Crude and corrected 5-year survival for all stages were 18% and 28%, respectively. Corrected 5-year survival by stage was: T1-57%, T2-31%, T3-16% and T4-6%. Fifty-seven patients (18%) never completed the scheduled treatment and all but two of them died in a short time from tumour progression. Local response could be evaluated in 179 of the 262 patients, who completed the radiation treatment. In 130 patients (73%) complete local response was observed and 49 patients (27%) had persistent tumour. Corrected 5-year survival in the responder group was 53% compared to 8% in the non-responder group. Intestinal complications occurred in 51 patients, of whom 24 were operated upon and another four died before operation from radiation-induced intestinal complications. More than 80% of all intestinal and/or urinary tract complications were observed within 3 years after irradiation. During this period, special attention should be paid to detect and treat radiation complications to prevent fistula formation or perforation, with poor prognosis. The dose per radiation fraction and the radiation technique appeared to be the most important factors for the development of intestinal complications. (25 Refs)

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