Medline: 1718349

European Journal of Cancer 27(7): 831-835, 1991.

Long-term survivors after salvage high dose chemotherapy with bone marrow rescue in refractory germ cell cancer.

Droz JP, Pico JL, Ghosn M, et al.


Between April 1984 and May 1985, 17 heavily pretreated patients with relapsing or refractory germ cell tumours were treated with cisplatin 40 mg/m2/day, days 1-5; etoposide 350 mg/m2/day, days 1-5; cyclophosphamide 1600 mg/m2/day, days 2-5 and autologous bone marrow transplantation on day 8 as consolidation of conventional salvage chemotherapy. None of the 11 refractory patients and 4 of the 6 responders to prior salvage treatment are long-term survivors at 68, 72, 74 and 74 months. Mean aplasia duration was 17 days and there were 7 documented episodes of septicaemia in 17 febrile patients. 1 patient died of treatment. Among the 4 survivors, 2 patients have a sustained grade II invalidating neuropathy. We conclude that this regimen is not recommended as salvage therapy in refractory patients but may be a useful consolidation treatment in patients responding to conventional salvage chemotherapy.

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