Medline: 1913496

Cancer 68(Suppl 5): 1144-1147, 1991.

The role of reconstruction in breast cancer.

Scanlon EF.


Lumpectomy and irradiation is an increasingly popular treatment option for women with breast cancer. Currently, modified radical mastectomy is selected about as often. Most women choosing to have a mastectomy desire reconstruction to improve the cosmetic result; this procedure can be done immediately or at a later time. If immediate reconstruction using a plastic implant is selected, an expander can be used if the skin cover is inadequate. A myocutaneous flap can be used either immediately or later and whether sufficient skin is available. The trans rectus abdominal myocutaneous (TRAM) flap is increasingly popular because a large amount of tissue can be transferred and the cosmetic blemish from tissue transfer is preferable on the lower abdomen than elsewhere. Treatment costs are of some importance. The cheapest procedure is the modified radical mastectomy; lumpectomy with iridium implant is the most expensive, and the other treatments fall in between.

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