Medline: 2025846

Cancer 67(11): 2813-2817, 1991.

Reirradiation for extremity soft tissue sarcomas: local control and complications.

Essner R, Selch M, Eilber FR


The treatment for patients who have locally recurrent soft tissue sarcoma of the extremity after surgery and radiation therapy is primarily amputation. A second course of radiation and local excision is usually not considered because of two major concerns: radiation complications and inability to achieve local disease control. This study examines the clinical course of 32 patients who received a second course of radiation for soft tissue sarcoma. Four groups of patients were defined by the sequence of radiation (preoperative and postoperative) and surgery. Despite high cumulative doses of radiation, complications requiring amputation were rare. Local tumor control was achieved with a second course of preoperative radiation and wide local excision in 15 of 18 (84%). However, local excision and a second course of postoperative radiation resulted in eight of 14 (57%) local failures and cannot be recommended as a comparable therapy to amputation.

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