Medline: 1826749

Journal of Urology 145(5): 988-991, 1991.

Transperitoneal endosurgical lymphadenectomy in patients with localized prostate cancer.

Schuessler WW, Vancaillie TG, Reich H, et al.


The main appeal of radiotherapy for carcinoma of the prostate lies in the low morbidity and good subsequent quality of life. The handicap of this approach is the absence of adequate staging through pelvic lymphadenectomy. A new operation with minimal morbidity for the patient is presented and described in detail: endosurgical (laparoscopic) pelvic lymphadenectomy. This operation can be performed on an outpatient basis and is extremely well tolerated by the patient. The results of the first 12 consecutive cases indicate that, with experience, the procedure can be performed within a reasonable time limit (90 to 205 minutes) and that the number of lymph nodes removed (right and left obturator fossae mean 7.6 and 7.1, respectively) is adequate. Endosurgical lymphadenectomy adds only minimal morbidity to the radiotherapeutic treatment of prostatic cancer but permits more accurate staging and, therefore, counseling of the patients.

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