Medline: 2010103

Gynecologic Oncology 40(2): 129-132, 1991.

Evaluation of surgical staging in stage I low malignant potential ovarian tumors.

Snider DD, Stuart GC, Nation JG, et al.


The charts and pathology specimens of 27 patients with ovarian tumors of low malignant potential were reviewed in an attempt to document the rationale for a second laparotomy in those patients with clinical stage 1 disease and who did not have a complete staging laparotomy at their initial surgery. Four of 13 patients with serous tumors, none of 12 patients with mucinous tumors, and one patient with a mixed tumor of LMP were upstaged at the staging laparotomy. The major morbidity rate associated with the procedure was 7.4%. The low yield of a staging laparotomy in patients with mucinous tumors (0%) does not warrant a second operation. The higher yield of a staging laparotomy in patients with serous tumors (30.8%) suggests that the likelihood of upstaging the disease exceeds the potential morbidity, and for this reason, the procedure may be warranted. However, the specific role of a staging laparotomy even in those with serous tumors awaits further study of the prognostic significance of invasive versus noninvasive implants.

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