Medline: 1993635

International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics 20(1): 95-100, 1991.

Tumor and treatment factors improving outcome in stage III-B cervix cancer.

Lanciano RM, Martz K, Coia LR, et al.


This report reviews 271 patients with Stage III-B squamous cell cancer of the uterine cervix from three national surveys conducted by the Patterns of Care Study. A progressive increase in local control and survival is seen among the three surveys which parallels a progressive increase in paracentral (point A) dose and use of intracavitary treatment. Multivariate analysis reveals extent of pelvic disease (unilateral sidewall vs. bilateral sidewall vs. lower 1/3 vagina) and use of intracavitary treatment to be the only significant tumor and treatment factors associated with local control and survival. With aggressive radiotherapy, local control rates exceeding 65% and survival of 50% at 4 years can be anticipated at the expense of a small increase in complications.

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