Medline: 2342592

Journal of the National Cancer Institute Monographs (9): 29-32, 1990.

Pretreatment oral assessment.

Sonis ST, Woods PD, White BA


Individuals undergoing cancer therapy may be at risk for a wide variety of oral problems that can significantly affect morbidity and mortality. Pretreatment oral assessment of these patients is an opportunity to identify and eliminate potential sources of sepsis and irritation. While preliminary studies strongly support the efficacy of pretreatment oral screening programs, a number of issues have yet to be addressed relative to patient-related and cost-related outcomes. Such studies should provide specific data regarding the focus of oral screening for specific malignancies, forms of cancer therapy, and oral pathology. As the aggressiveness of cancer therapy increases, comprehensive oral evaluation with clinical, radiographic, and adjunctive components before treatment is warranted.

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