Medline: 2157241

Radiotherapy and Oncology 17(2): 123-132, 1990.

Mixed Mullerian tumours of the uterus - prognostic factors: a clinical and histopathologic study of 147 cases.

Larson B, Silfversward C, Nilsson B, et al.


One hundred and forty-seven women with uterine mixed Mullerian tumours (UMMT) treated at Radiumhemmet from 1936 through 1981 were reviewed. The prognostic value of clinical and histopathologic data was analysed with bivariate and multivariate techniques. Stage, age and abdominal pain were found to be significant predictors of survival. Surgery and combined radiotherapy (intracavitary + external irradiation) gave in stage I a lower local failure rate (p = 0.006) and better overall survival (p = 0.001) than surgery in combination with either intracavitary or external irradiation.

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