Medline: 2504651

Gynecologic Oncology 34(3): 263-267, 1989.

Concurrent radiation and chemotherapy in vulvar carcinoma.

Thomas G, Dembo A, DePetrillo A, et al.


Between June 1984 and February 1988 the role of radiation with concurrent infusional 5-fluorouracil with or without mitomycin C (CT-RT) was examined in 33 patients with vulvar cancer. The median duration of follow-up is 16 months (range 5 to 45 months). Nine received adjuvant postsurgical CT-RT and none has relapsed in the radiation field. Seven are alive disease free. Two have died of distant metastases. Of the 9 receiving definitive primary CT-RT, 6 had initial complete response with subsequent vulvar relapse developing in 3. Seven of the 9 remain disease free after CT-RT alone (in 3) or with the addition of a local excision of residual or recurrent disease (in 6). One patient did not respond to CT-RT and required a radical vulvectomy and groin node dissection. Fifteen received CT-RT for disease recurrence following primary surgery. Disease was present in the vulva only in 11, vulva and inguinal nodes in 1 and nodes only in 3. Eight of the 15 had a complete response and no relapses occurred in the treated sites. Four of the 8 dying of disease developed pulmonary metastases. Serious late complications developed in 2 patients, 1 avascular hip necrosis and 1 proctitis requiring a defunctioning colostomy. CT-RT appears tolerable and may contribute to enhanced locoregional control in recurrent or advanced disease. As initial therapy it may allow lesser surgery with preservation of normal anatomy in selected primary vulvar cancers.

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