Medline: 2766217

Cancer 64(6): 1192-1194, 1989.

Low-dose chemotherapy of desmoid tumors.

Weiss AJ, Lackman RD


Eight patients with desmoid tumors, symptomatic, and none a candidate for conservative surgery, were treated with weekly vinblastine, maximum dose 10 mg/week, and methotrexate, maximum dose 50 mg/week. Symptomatic relief was obtained in all patients. Using Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) criteria, two patients had a complete remission, one of which has lasted for 30 months, four patients have had partial remissions, one patient has had a mixed response, and one patient who has been treated for only 4 weeks, a minimal response. Toxicity has been minor and transient. Chemotherapy appears to be an acceptable alternative to radical surgery in selected patients with desmoid tumors.

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