Medline: 2925881

Journal of Clinical Psychology 45(1): 20-27, 1989.

Anxiety in medical situations: adult cancer patients.

Schag CA, Heinrich RL


Anxiety associated with medical situations was studied in a heterogeneous sample of 320 adult cancer patients. Patients completed the Cancer Inventory of Problem Situations, which identifies anxiety in a variety of medical situations. On the average, 44% of patients reported some anxiety in medical situations; 23% reported significant anxiety. Anxiety was somewhat situation dependent. Females were more likely to report anxiety and with greater intensity than males in situations such as watching other patients receive treatments, waiting to see the doctor, waiting to find out the results of tests, going to the hospital, and receiving chemotherapy. Multiple regression techniques were used to identify the correlates of anxiety. Age, sex, problems communicating with the health team, and global adjustment to the illness all accounted for a significant amount of the variance. The results suggest important areas for mental health professionals to be involved in the care of individuals with cancer if comprehensive care is to be provided.

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