Medline: 3305604

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology 17(2, Part 1): 255-264, 1987.

Actinic cheilitis: a review of the etiology, differential diagnosis, and treatment.

Picascia DD, Robinson JK


With today's increase in sun worshippers, the number of sun-induced skin lesions is increasing. Actinic cheilitis is the counterpart of actinic keratosis of the skin and can also develop into squamous cell carcinoma. In this article we review the etiology, clinical spectrum, histology, differential diagnosis, and treatment of actinic cheilitis. Actinic cheilitis needs to be differentiated from many other lip conditions, and the dermatologist must be attune to its possibility whenever assessing scaly lips. Because of its potential to develop into squamous cell carcinoma, treatment should be instituted as soon as possible. (85 Refs)

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