Medline: 3114057

Gynecologic Oncology 27(3): 254-260, 1987.

Concurrent radiation and chemotherapy for carcinoma of the cervix recurrent after radical surgery.

Thomas GM, Dembo AJ, Black B, et al.


Results of salvage therapy in patients with carcinoma of the cervix, recurrent after primary surgery, have been dismal even when disease was apparently confined to the pelvis. Further surgery or radiation therapy cured only some with central pelvic disease alone who had recurred at intervals longer than 6 months after primary therapy. To try to improve the results of salvage therapy, we used a combination of concurrent chemotherapy, 5-Fluorouracil with or without Mitomycin-C, and radiation therapy. Seventeen patients were treated. Recurrent disease was present in the pelvis or pelvis and paraaortic nodes after radical surgery for Stage IB carcinoma of the cervix. Eight of seventeen (47%) are alive, disease-free, 21 to 58 months after therapy. Seven of the eight had biopsy proven recurrence. Five of eight had recurred within 9 months of primary surgery and 7/8 had a component of pelvic side wall disease. Thus the survivors had unfavorable prognostic features. Nevertheless, the use of concurrent radiation and chemotherapy produced an exceptionally high proportion of sustained complete remissions and possible cures.

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