Medline: 3812029

Acta Medica Scandinavica 220(5): 455-463, 1986.

Malignant hypercalcemia -- a hospital survey.

Blomqvist CP


A hypercalcemia frequency of 1.5% was found in patients with malignant disease attending a large oncological center. Eighty per cent of hypercalcemias were of obvious malignant etiology. Hypercalcemia was most frequent in multiple myeloma, renal carcinoma, squamocellular carcinomas of different sites and breast cancer. Most patients had advanced metastasized disease. In 80% of those with solid tumors malignant hypercalcemia was associated with bone metastases. Serum calcium could almost invariably be reduced by treatment, and active treatment was associated with a more favorable prognosis. One year actuarial survival of patients with malignant hypercalcemia was 31%.

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