Medline: 3972295

Gynecologic Oncology 20(3): 364-377, 1985.

Prognostic factors in carcinoma of the vulva.

Boyce J, Fruchter RG, Kasambilides E, et al.


The clinical and pathologic characteristics of epidermoid carcinoma of the vulva in 84 women treated by vulvectomy were evaluated in relation to inguinal node status and survival. Tumor diameter, depth of invasion, clinical node status, vascular invasion, and pattern of invasion were all individually correlated with the pathologic status of the inguinal nodes. However, when evaluated in combination, only the clinical status of the inguinal nodes, the depth of invasion, and the pattern of invasion (in this order of significance) were predictive of pathologic inguinal node status. Tumor diameter, inguinal node status, depth of invasion, pattern of invasion, and vascular invasion were individually correlated with survival. When evaluated in combination, the clinical diameter of the lesion was the most important predictor of survival; depth of invasion and vascular invasion contributed additional information.

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