Medline: 510245

Environmental Health Perspectives 29: 71-79, 1979.

N-acetyltransferase phenotype and risk in urinary bladder cancer: approaches in molecular epidemiology. Preliminary results in Sweden and Denmark.

Lower GM, Nilsson T, Nelson CE, et al.


Possible correlations between N-acetyltransferase phenotype and urinary bladder cancer risk was studied among 115 patients from the rural area surrounding Lund, Sweden and 71 patients from Copenhagen, Denmark. The slow acetylator phenotype was found in 46/71 Copenhagen patients and 38/74 controls from the same area (p = 0.065). Smoking histories were similar for rapid and slow acetylators. The slow acetylator phenotype was found in 80/115 Lund patients and 79/118 controls from the same area; the difference was not statistically significant. The results suggest that arylamines may play a role in disease etiology in Copenhagen and that slow acetylators may be at higher risk for arylamine-induced bladder cancer. (54 Refs)

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